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About PicnicHealth 🎯

It's an exciting time to join the PicnicHealth team - we just announced our Series B raise and are growing quickly in revenue, partnerships, and people.

We empower medical research for tough diseases. And the work you do everyday? They matter. We provide solutions to our patients when it comes to handling their personal health information. We provide an award-winning machine learning technology to help us with that. Not only do we provide all of those, but the people in PicnicHealth? We are humble, curious, and a friendly bunch you would want to look forward to working with everyday.

Our mission is to structure the world's medical data and make it useful for improving patient care.
Medical information in the right hands at the right time has the power to change lives. That can mean changing one person's life or transforming how whole categories of diseases are treated. No matter the scale, we believe it all starts with putting structured, complete, medical data in patients’ hands. Only then do they have control of their care and a chance to contribute that data to the greater goal of advancing research. 💬

We're an eclectic group of patients and doctors, data nerds and operators, engineers, salespeople, and much more. We believe in building toward our future vision of a world where all healthcare data is truly useful--with the heart of its people who make it happen, and the people whose lives are changed for the better.

Vital Benefits 🎉

Caring for patients also means caring for employees. For many people, medical information and being able to take ownership of it is a personal matter. That’s why PicnicHealth is hiring personnel who feel strongly about changing the medical landscape as we know it. To reward their passion and to make life easier and healthcare more efficient for absolutely everyone, we offer the following benefits for our employees: 😱😍

✨ Medical and dental insurance right from their first day. Health benefit cards will be available after their first month, and they get one free dependent upon their regularization. 🧑‍⚕️
✨ Group and life insurance for employees and dependents. 👪
✨ Ten days of vacation leave and ten days of sick leave. 🏖️
✨ Birthday leave. 🎂
✨ Access to PicnicHealth’s exclusive partnership with Polka.PH, an online shopping website with amazing discounts and installment plans. 📦

Announcement 📣

Hi Applicants!

For your safety, we temporarily changed our application workflow to remote mode. This means that application steps that were previously handled onsite have been shifted to be accomplished remotely instead.

Stay safe and healthy, and let's all do our part in combating COVID 19 by staying at home. 🏠 You will be safe in the comfort of your own home. No exposure and hassle-free. Just wait for our Recruitment team to schedule an interview with you. 🎉

Step 1️⃣ : Find a job opening that suits you and submit your application online
Step 2️⃣ : Take the online assessment within 48 hours
Step 3️⃣ : Wait for your interview schedule. Our recruiters will coordinate with you via phone call or email.

Interviews will be conducted remotely or via video call until further notice. 🚩